13 May 2012

Sunday Craft School ~ Linky Party !

Welcome to the Snapdragon Diaries Craft Link Up Party !
Week #5

It's lovely to see week on week I have more contributors to the party. Thank You !
Every link up gets repinned onto the Snapdragon Diaries Pinterest Board.  I choose and showcase my favourite entries. Simple. Wanna link up your craft or talent? Photography tutorials, crafting, DIY, baking.... ANYTHING goes.  

So a few weeks ago Craig kindly wrote a Timelapse Photography tutorial to link up with this party... see it here.  
It's a sequence of photo's linked to create the illusion of motion. I was keen to try this technique for myself having read his tutorial.  I have to say though that Craig has made some pretty super videos.
One early sunny morning I set my camera up outside in the back garden (before I weeded... ANYTHING to get out of weeding my garden right??? ) I wanted to capture the opening of a flower head. 
I set my camera on it's tripod and programmed it take photo's at regular intervals about 5 mins apart throughout the morning... It took a few hours to fully open and the weather went from sunny to overcast back to sunny.. not ideal really. But, it was my first attempt and I can concentrate on the weather and light balance in my next attempts. A learning curve right?
The photo's were uploaded into Windows Movie Maker and timing adjusted etc.
I'm quite proud of my first attempt. What do you think? Let me know if you have tried this technique also!?
Dandelion Timelapse Movie.
Ok blink and you will miss it ! hahahaaaa...

My other favourite entries last week which you should definitely check out were:

DIY No Sew Feather Dress by Meredith & Gwyneth, The New Yorkie.
Such a great tutorial and photo's... classy, stylish lady. 

Burlap covered paper mache letters by Mitzi's Miscellany Vintage and Handmade Treasures.
I've made similar to these myself and they take time but are great once finished.

Funky Braided Scarf by Crafty Mischief
Just HOW cute is that scarf? Looks great.

Now it's your turn. Link up and join the party!
Please read full guidelines here.
Jennie. x



  1. omg that time lapse video is awesome!!!!

  2. Thanks for hosting.


  3. Thanks for the feature! You made my day! And thank you so much for hosting! Have a wonderful week Jennie! :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Gwyneth and I are mortified that we are just now seeing this incredibly sweet feature! Thank you so much for picking our dress and for the kind words. Apologies for the tardiness of our thank you - we are catching up slowly but surely from vacation!

    mk & Gwynnie


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