11 April 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Prayers

I am somewhat preoccupied as I choose these photo's for Wordless Wednesday, as although I am quiet... my mind is in turmoil, restless.... and worried, frantic even. You see my sister and her boyfriend are sat on top of a small mountain on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean (just off Thailand) waiting to see if a Tsunami manifests itself and hits their island. It's pitch black and they are in a full blown storm.  An 8.6 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia this morning. Warnings and evacuations are taking place as I write this post.

Prayers go out to anyone in Indonesia and surrounding areas who may be affected today. I'm praying all will be ok and that the early warning systems have done their job.

Easter Tulips.

Not so wordless today, but it's all going on in my mind... so it felt natural to share, I'm sure you understand.

Jennie. x



  1. Thanks so much Jenni for stopping by my blog and trading buttons! Yours is now on my blog too :) Sending positive thoughts in regards to your sister and bf. I bet all will be ok.


  2. The pictures are beautiful. Certainly hoping the best for your loved ones and all of those in such a dangerous situation. Blessings.

  3. Hi, Jennie

    I am praying for your sister and husband, try not to frat. I believe they will be well. The tulips are just lovely.


  4. Oh bless your heart. I'm going to pray for them. Please keep us posted!!!

  5. Sorry you're feeling a little stressed and anxious today :( I've got my fingers crossed for your sister and her boyfriend and for everyone else out there :)

    The tulips are gorgeous, much better looking that the rather floppy ones I'm sat next to!

  6. So sorry to hear this. They must be terrified. I hope everything turns out well. I'm sure it will do xxx

    1. Thankyou ALL for your comments and well wishes / prayers. As you have possibly heard on the news the earthquake didn't cause a large scale Tsunami as first predicted, thank God ! So my apart from my sister being a bit cold & wet on a mountainside the Police eventually allowed the citizens of the island to go back to their homes but to stay alert for aftershocks.
      It was a very worrying morning for my family and I but I'm glad to report that all is well... Mother Nature was kind today.
      Jennie. xx

  7. Hoping and praying your sister and her boyfriend get home safely, and that there are no aftershocks. Thanks for linking up with Erika's Wordless Wednesday :)

  8. I pray all goes well with your family and that they are safe.

  9. I hope that the everything works itself out for the best. Definitely understandable to be lost in thought with such issues at heart.

    I love your tulip photographs. They are lovely.


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