20 April 2012

Insta-Friday ~ My week in Instagram photo's.

It's Insta-Friday !!! Bring on the weekend.

Rounding up my working week with my Instagram photo's. My user name is Snaphappyjennie

I've been browsing all that Instagram has to offer lately... as I'm kinda a newbie to Instagram. The apps available vary slightly between Apple and Android but the variety is great ! I used Photo Grid on Android to create my Insta-Friday collages above. 

But what else is on offer? Well, have you ever wanted to create prints from your Instagram photos? Why not try ImageSnap to turn your square photos into 2”x2” ceramic tiles complete with magnetic strips so you use on your fridge. Go to ArtFlakes for 4”x4” stickers. Fancy some wall art? (I guess it depends how decent your phone photo's are) then check out Prinstagr.am turns your photos into a 20”x40” poster photo grid. Try Snapwidget to display Instagram photo's on a webpage and embed a photo gallery into your website and I use Extragram to view my Instagram photo's online.  You should check out Instamaker, and turn those Instagram pics into something 3 dimensional posters, t-shirts and mugs. 
Instaprint is a service that uses Instagram and a small, portable box as sort of a virtual photo booth. 
I'm sure these are just scratching the surface of apps available in conjunction with Instagram.  If you know of any more you would like to recommend then please share with us below!
Have a wonderful weekend! Link up your week in photo's now if you like.

Jennie. x


  1. looks great! i hope you join us for our next blog hop on tuesday and connect with some new IG friends!


  2. I love your images - I didn't realise there was so much on offer with Instagram.

    Nina x

  3. I'm rather new to Instagram myself (and loving it) so will have to check out those links.

  4. Thank you! I didn't know about snapwidget!
    Have a nice week end ;)

  5. Hello there dear!
    Love the instagrams a lot!!!!! What's your instagram name? I'm annalarissa :-)
    Look forward to following you there.

  6. OOO! I'm going to find you right now! =) Didn't know you joined the instagram world! I added a badge to the sidebar of my blog that I really like!

  7. Really great snapshots this week! My username on Instagram is "ccnoffi" by the way, in case we're not following one another already. I'll be sure to check. I'm so glad you linked up this week! Thanks!

  8. Ive never used Instagram. These are so great!


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