7 April 2012

Spring Babies -- cuteness overload !

Happy Easter Everyone !

I'm lucky to live in a parish that has an animal petting farm... it's called Smithills Open farm. It's a wonderful interactive experience for ALL the family.  Not only do the owners take the time to explain to visitors how they milk their cows, they demonstrate and let visitors stand and watch. The children are given bottles of milk to feed the lambs and (goat) kids who, upon the hour, come racing down the corridors to the seated bales of hay area hungry and eager to latch onto a bottle of warm milk.  The children squeal with delight as mums and dads are quick to click their cameras to capture the CUTEST moments ! 
It's exciting, cute, educational all rolled into one afternoon.
I have to say though that my favourite part is holding the newborn spring chicks and baby rabbits.
I'm such a softie.

As it's Easter I couldn't let such cute photo's go unshared so here are some Easter newborns for your cute baby spring animal fix....

Pretty little foal.

Baby Goats... they were naughty and hungry as kids let me tell you.
 MORE OUCH !!!!!

Mmmmmmm... I must be tasty !

 This lamb was adorable, and so funny to watch... he would just race up and down the hay trough trying to entice his friend to come up and play also. Spring lambs... such energy and playfulness. I spent ages watching them.    

The deer were so beautiful. In fact I don't think I had been so close to a deer before. Certainly not one that was comfortable in my presence anyway.    

And we became friends.

Have a wonderful Easter whatever your plans may be.  I will be spending mine eating lunch in Wales with my dad (and family) munching on chocolate and then ON.THE.BEACH ! 
I can't wait. 

Jennie. x


No Sunday School link up party this week as it's Easter Sunday.  I'm busy eating chocolate and visiting family all day. 

Join us to link up your craft tutorials, show off your photography, share new recipes etc. next Sunday !
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  1. Aw, those chicks are just so cute xxx

  2. Fantastic photos of what must have been a marvelous time! LOVE the little pigs, the lambs - every animal you captured. Lovely indeed!
    I hope you have a fab time in Wales :-)

  3. Ahhhh look at the little foal! I need to go there so I can sneak him home, or attempt to.
    Looks like such a cute place, a visit may be in order.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday and ate loads of chocolate xxx

  4. Definite cuteness overload! Love the chicks and pigs.

  5. Omg these photos are amazing. I think I just died from overexposure to cuteness!


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