18 April 2012

The Face Of Concentration.

I was sad to see the photo editing site Picnik close down having being bought out by the mighty Google ... I won't go and find it on Google+ ... I think purely because of the principal of the matter.  Anyway, as always, when a good thing disappears there is usually something to take it's place, right? I've found it... have you?

It's called Picmonkey

Have a go... it's free and ridiculously easy to use and dare I say it the 'look' of Picnik with very similar features (if not better actually) I'm finding it super fast and rivaling my Photoshop suite for my basic editing needs.
You can follow them on Twitter too @Picmonkeyapp

I jumped onto Picmonkey tonight just to convert a few photo's of Nathan (on his iPad) into black and white. I figured he had a moody concentrating face anyway so the black and white adds to the drama. It really is a look I should try more often... but I'm a bright, colour and texture kinda girl so this post is something a little different from me and it allows me to link up with a B & W linky party too! 


There is LOTS of fun to be had on an iPad for sure !

There have been some wonderfully creative entries to the 'Sunday School' link up party this week.  There is still time to submit your entry... or at least browse the other entries for photography, baking and craft ideas. 
I will be choosing my favourite blog post entry, adding it to the Pinterest page and showcasing it on this blog THIS Sunday.
Take a look here for more details about the link up every Sunday. 

Jennie. x

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  1. Hi, Jennie

    What a sweet boy. He reminds me of my son long time ago. I miss that age. LOL Have a great week.


  2. What a sweet genuine smile in the last photo. Welcome to the contest! We do this every week, so I hope to see more B&W shots from you. Good luck in the contest!

  3. Oh he looks just like you!!! Thanks so much for linking up yesterday on WW!



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