25 March 2012

Sunday School ~ Linky Party

Welcome to Snapdragon Diaries ~ Sunday School link up party !
Week #1
Sunday 25th march 2012
A spring 'Sunday School' for the crafty.

I will be your host and each week my Sunday School blog post will share photography techniques, spring art & craft tutorials, or tasty new baking recipes. 
It's a chance to link up, share, learn, teach, appreciate and make new friends in the world of photography, baking, DIY and craft. Every Sunday join me here for a spring link up party. It's really very simple, rewarding... and will hopefully generate more traffic to your blog!  

I will look at each and every one of your submitted linky posts to choose my favourites and pin them onto the 'Sunday School' Pinterest Board: http://pinterest.com/SnapHappyJen/sunday-school-linky-party/ .  The following Sunday I will give my favourite craft entry a mention and a shout out to your blog!  The aim is to discover, learn and share. 

There will be a few rules guidelines to join this linky party to ensure the focus and purpose of this link up party is maintained.
1. Please link up the URL of the blog post you wish to share, NOT your blog homepage URL.
2. The blog post could provide visual or written instructions on how to recreate the craft / photography technique. It's ok to make reference to a blog or link you have followed too, just as long as we can recreate or learn something from your blog post.
3. The linky party will open Sunday morning until midnight Monday (2 days).  
4. It's polite to mention your host (me) in your blog post, or grab my badge to include in your blog post or sidebar.
5. Visit, mingle, blog hop and comment on fellow Sunday School participants. Come on show some bloggin' LOVE. 

Now go forth, create and share !

I'll go first.

I would like to introduce you to a design website I have found. 
It's called Colourlovers. Here's the link http://www.colourlovers.com/

I am currently using this website to design my own scrapbooking paper, diaries and notebooks. It is FREE to join, easy to use, supportive, with *new* ideas being developed all the time.  Basically it's a website that allows you to create your own colour paletts, design your own patterns, select (and name your own colours) then combine it all together to create unique artwork, printed fabric, business cards etc. The designs are unique to you which can then be appreciated by the online community.  Similar to Pinterest and Facebook you can browse and choose to 'love' someones design work. You can have both private and public displays of your work too. It's ideal for all us creative types. So, if you have ever needed help:
* Choosing your colour palette to redecorate your home
* Planning the colour theme for a wedding
* Fancy sprucing up your blog
* Designing & making your own clothing, curtains etc.
Then this website may just be able to help you out! Here are some of my latest designs... let me know what you think?

Tudor Times
  Sunburst Tartan
  Summer Silhouette
To get started on Colourlovers:
1. Sign up with your chosen username & password
2. They ask for your email address
3. Take the guided 'tour' around the website
4. Upload a few basic profile details (optional)
5. Browse the forums, chat room, tools room and channels...

Easy peasy and very addictive. Let me know if you use the website and maybe you will share your own designs here at Sunday School next week?!

Jennie. x
Now it's your turn to link up.

Grab my badge for your page? 



  1. oh that's so awesome!!!! I love the Summer Silhouette especially! And I love, love your new look to the blog. It's wonderful!

    1. Thank you Amy... it certainly has more of a 'spring' feel to it. Let's hope this spring crafters linky party will take off -- I'm excited. Thanks for contributing. ;-)

  2. That is really neat paper! I DO love paper and am just discovering digital scrap booking. I'm having a hard time figuring some stuff out. I also really want to learn more about photography, so your blog is a perfect find for me! I'll check out the colourlovers next.
    Thanks for hosting-I'm putting it on my list to visit every Sunday:)
    Sheila @swirlygirldreamsndecor

  3. Thank you for inviting me to link up!

  4. Hi, Jennie

    I am so sorry I miss your first link party. I have your button on my blog and I will be back to link up this week. Have a great weekend.


  5. I recently got into photography. I can't wait to check out upcoming photography posts.

  6. What a great website - I am off to visit now!

    So glad you joined our Cinch party.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration! What a great web site.

    I am so glad you linked this up to the party.



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