2 February 2012

A Series Of Unfortunate Events...

It's been a strange day... one of unfortunate events and mishaps actually, but nothing that a little fresh air and nature couldn't help to sort out. For the first time in a while I wanted solitude and to take my camera out for a walk to enjoy the sunshine and experience just how cold -5 degrees actually was.
WOW... it was cold ! 

But first I need to rewind the morning a little, to the moment I entered my kitchen to make coffee....

Now a few of you know that I have started painting on canvas (just a hobby - I'm certainly no Picasso) and last night I stayed up late putting the final finishing touches to my artwork. So, you can imagine my absolute horror when I entered my kitchen this morning and my cat had one of his legs wrapped around his own head licking his... well his... boy bits, euwwwww WHILST SAT ON TOP OF MY CANVAS PAINTING !!!   
{{ Arrgghhhhhh.... }}
He had stuck his claws in it, left fur behind on it (and Lord knows what else on it) and stretched the canvas. 
The canvas looked like a worn out leather couch seat... instead of taut and beautiful. 
Let's just say that my neighbour may of heard my yelling choice few words to my cat.

I proceeded to burn my potato cakes (for breakfast) whilst I was talking to my mum on the phone and accidentally spilt my coffee up the stairs when my slipper slipped off. 

I knew right then that I should go for a walk, clear my head, smile and breath in the freezing fresh air. So I grabbed my camera, my thermal underwear (ooooh sexy), t-shirt, cardigan, two layers of socks, Berghaus, scarf, gloves, walking jacket and headed out.

I felt better already for seeing blue skies and silhouetted trees decorated with fluffy white plane smoke. 
I could probably count the amount of things I like about winter on one hand actually... Snow, hot chocolate, chunky knits, homemade winter soups and... tree skeletons. Yes I love the shapes made by deciduous trees. All bare and beautiful with their twisting branches against a vibrant blue sky - just lovely.
I thought I'd share a few shots I took today to emphasise my point.
Strolling through the park were signs of spring... I couldn't believe the amount of bulbs shooting up and clusters of Snowdrops believing it was spring. Gone is the mild weather this week replaced by arctic conditions. Poor little premature Snowdrops. 
I've enhanced this photo using a Kim Klassen texture. http://www.kimklassencafe.com/
Ice and signs of winter amongst the flowers... it really was so cold today I could barely press the camera shutter button without shivvering.
People must think I'm a little loopy-lou crazy for taking photo's of tree trunks but I honestly try to see colour palletes in everything... I just love the grey hues of tree lichens... the growths can resemble snowflakes, scales or antlers, depending on the species.
*puffs n pants* I was heading up the hill...
But hang on... I couldn't resist a chance to photograph my 5ft long legs... *sighs* if only. Ha !
My favourite place... Barrow Bridge Village. LOOK at those icicles... did I mention it was really cold today?
Minus 3 degrees whilst I was walking here to be exact -- I checked. Like a nerd, I checked.

There was ice everywhere... which kinda links nicely to my next unfortunate event of the day.
Now anyone who knows me will know that I can't go a winter without falling and hurting myself on the ice. This winter is no exception! I have already fallen in the middle of the road about a month ago and again today.
I slipped down an icy hill and I fell down hard on my right arm and hand (again). The same arm I had intensive physiotherapy on last autumn for a dislocated thumb and torn shoulder ligament. My right arm ! {{ Arrgghhhhh }} for the second time today... can you see a pattern?
I saved my camera from damage though and more to the point NO-ONE SAW me -- yeah !
So anyway... I was hurting a little, but mostly ok. Hey I'm used to it now... The funny thing is I'm actually a very good ice-skater, perhaps that's where I'm going wrong *heads desk* I need to be wearing my ice skates more.
Hey then I would get 'funny' looks from folk, right?
I head off back home... limping and bleeding <---- (joking) but not before I make a detour to feed the ducks and photograph a few nice berry bushes and grasses.
Another Kim Klassen texture used on this shot.
Hello fella. Awwww his pond has frozen over.
Awaiting more wholemeal bread... they like the seeded batch. ;-)
 Someone's lost a feather....
Get out there and enjoy the solitude, clear your mind and appreciate all that winter has to offer.
Good evening all... think I may just get into bed now and snuggle... have I mentioned it's cold out there tonight?
Jennie. x
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  1. This post made me laugh so much (sorry to say that - rather harsh laughing at a person's unfortunate events)!

    I have also been having bad luck since last night. How strange. Slipped over whilst getting out of the bath smashing my chin and bum God knows where. Got to sleep about 2am, having to get up at 6.30am. Set off for college. Forgot my bus pass. Headed back. Missed the bus. Coming home I had to run for my first bus and also my second bus. Almost tripped over getting off the bus. Got home to my mum telling me she could see my knickers above the edge of my jeans, clearly showing I forgot to put my belt on.

    However, I think I'd be more stressed if I were you, considering the state you found your canvas in! Cats can be such pains.

    & love the waterfall photos.

    Hope you get better luck the rest of the week! xxx

  2. Wow...these all come out fantastic. What a beautiful area!

  3. I'm reading this and singing ".....things can only get better...."!

    Super photographs (and I LOVE lichen too - I even brought a branch covered with it home with me from a dog walk!).

    ps maybe the cat contribution to your canvas will make it 'modern art'?!

  4. hi new via Kim Klassen - love your work, just followed you in Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/case_tina/

  5. oh my...what a crazy day for you...it is kinda funny though ;) (sorry) And what amazing photos that came out of it! I'm loving the textures too!

  6. I have days like that! I hope the rest of the week gets better.

  7. Beautiful!!!! I especially like little yellow blossoms!

  8. Oh my, I have had days like that before! But you sure did get some great photos!! I love bare trees too, and I love that last berry shot, and the sprouts and the water - sigh!

  9. Looking at your pictures totally relaxed me. I'm wish it was light out right now so I could head out with my camera. I've been feeling so uninspired lately but you refueled my fire. Hope your day got better! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh bless you that sounded like a real mix of events, some of them had me frowning thinking that's not good and then the photos made me feel positive and happy. I hope you manage to recover the canvas and fingers crossed no more falls in icy weather as that sounds awful. But hurray for blue sky days even if they are a bit too cold!

  11. Thought you could have shown us your 'pressed' canvass! x mum

  12. Very very beautiful captures!

  13. You seriously had me chuckling. And I'm sorry that it was at your expense. But you see, strangely enough, I had a very similar day this week. I thought the universe was trying to break me. But somehow I pulled through it. And I'm so happy to see that you got out and took in some (frigid) but fresh air. Your captures are absolutely breathtaking, particularly the waterfall. I'm sorry you sustained injury, but so happy you shared these amazing captures for our winter challenge. They really brightened my day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! -alicia

  14. I hate to say this, but I laughed ... until I got to the part where you fell and injured yourself. :( Hope you heal nicely. Loved going with you on your walk--wonderful discoveries. Now, let us see the painting the cat (he must have a painted bottom). :) Hope you have a happier weekend.

  15. Wow...what a day! You managed to turn it around beautifully, though :) Those dried up weed photos (sorry...I always forget the name of that kind) are stunning!!! And, I hear ya on the cold thing...we had -30C (-22F) today. It seriously hurt to breathe :P

  16. Oh no! So sorry to hear about your misfortune! I've certainly had days like that (a little too frequently for my liking!) But you got some beautiful photos at least, and they really are lovely.

    Thanks so much for taking part in our Poetic Winter Photography Challenge, I hope you'll join us again next week too (If only because I so love seeing photos from my home country!)

  17. Wow! You had quite a day! So sorry to hear about your arm and the ruined painting. :( I must say, I'm a huge fan of lichen as well. I find it so fascinating. I'm also a huge fan of bare trees set against blue skies. :)

    Thanks for joining us in the Poetic Winter Photography Challenge. If you haven't already downloaded the freebie of the week, stop by my place when you get a chance! Next week's theme will be Warmth. Have a great weekend. :)

  18. Sorry your morning started off bad, but it ended with such an incredible collection of photos! You should be really proud. I love every single one. I have a lot of favorites - the path, the textured berries, the little green sprouts, and oh my gosh! I have never seen a duck standing on a pond before! That is just too funny!

  19. days that often end like that. I'm happy yours didn't. I enjoyed going with you for a stroll. The photos are beautiful.Thank you for your bloggy friendship and for participating in the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop linky Party xo

  20. I have those days way too often! painting on canvas sounds exciting though! Beautiful shots also x

  21. Thank you Jenny, for the entertaining walk-along. Love your blog. Hope the pains subsided.


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