7 February 2012

'App' Artwork

So, who else has an iPad(2) ?
I've been using a wonderful application (App) lately for both the iPhone and the iPad which has allowed me create the most intriguing pieces of artwork from my photographs. Infact I will be printing select ones on canvas very soon.

The app is called Pixl™

Have you heard of it?
Well maybe after you have seen what it can do you may like to download it and give it a try....
Here are my efforts using Pixl to create a piece of artwork out of my photo's. Tell me what you think?!

You can make the overall look as abstract as you like. This is actually a photo of myself in X-ray style.
 If I make the shapes smaller and ask for more detail the photo becomes clearer still. 
 This is using four shapes... square, circle, semi circle and a triangle.

Here's me in a bikini.... hahahaaaa. Honest!
Pixl is just using semi circles and squares. 
With these pieces of artwork, I find if you squint your eyes the photo becomes clearer.  
 OK, that's plenty clear enough! ;-P
The abstract artwork looks almost like the colour palettes I blogged about yesterday.

I love the bold contrasting colours in this collage.
But I think the placement of shapes in this collage is pretty cool. 
 My son Nathan and I.
The original. 

The Pixl collage looks great with animals too.... The vibrant colours are superb on this piece. I will be getting this one enlarged for my sons bedroom.
This is our Bearded Dragon called Yoshi. 
 The original of Yoshi at bathtime.

Here are two more abstract collages I designed which I love!

I love learning new techniques and Pixl really does explore the pixels and colours behind photography.

Jennie. x


  1. ooooo looks fun! I'll have to try that:-)

  2. Okay, that is really cool! I don't have an iPhone or iPad but if I did, I would be getting this app! Super cool! :)

    Ngaio May xx

  3. That is so cool..... Downloading it Now!

  4. Yet another reason I need an ipad. :) Neat pics

  5. Hi Jennie!
    That looks like a neat app! I've never even messed with an ipad. I bet they are wonderful though. Someday! :)

    1. Yep they are pretty cool. Very convenient and effective. well worth the money. Thanks for commenting Amylou. xx

  6. This looks like a great application! I knew that there was a reason that I needed an ipad! Looking forward to seeing more of these.

    1. yes Ross...you should definately treat yourself to one. they are pretty amazing - never any need to log on/boot up - they are always ready loaded, no virus or timing out etc. Thanks for viewing my blog I appreciate the comment. ;-)

  7. Ahhh, that's cool!!!
    So, can you look me up on Instagram now then?!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Jennie, with your sweet wonderful family!

    1. You too hunni... I'll catch up with your blog at some point aswell. x

  8. They give me a migraine :-)
    But your original pictures are fab.
    Love the snow scenes in the previous posts.


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